Spring - Time to switch candles for diffusers

As we head into springtime, though to be fair it doesn't quite look like spring just yet, it is worth reviewing your home fragrance options.


As temperatures start warming up, and we (hopefully!) get to spend more time outdoors then there becomes less opportunity to light our beloved candles.


So what do we use then I hear you cry...?


Reed Diffusers become the go to home fragrance accessory as we get into spring and they get super efficient as we head into summer.

Where reed diffusers do really well is they fragrance 24 hours per day (well, ours do 😉) and you can essentially put them out then leave them for around 10 to 12 weeks. You don't need to do anything except enjoy the fabulous aroma that they generate.


Candles on the other hand don't really care too much for spring & summer unless they are cared for by a true night owl. Candles need to be accompanied at all times so are great for cold, dark, dreary evenings but not so good when it is bright and sunny when there are other ways to get a fragrance hit. 

The other medium for a quick hit of home fragrance in the evenings would be to use wax melts. These can be put on for short periods, provide a solid burst of fragrance to compliment your diffuser.


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