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Wax Melter with Pourer Spout - Green

Wax Melter with Pourer Spout - Green


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Treat yourself to this wonderful little wax melter.

The wax melter comes in two parts and benefits from a large reservoir to hold your molten wax along with a pourer spout to make it easy to switch between different fragrances.

Unlike Our Time branded products we do not make these wax melters but felt we just had to bring them to you!
Dimensions (approx): 125mm x 90mm x 135mm

Please follow all warnings provided with your wax melter. The sides of the burner will become hot during use so please do not touch.

Instructions for Use:
Place an unscented tealight in the base unit and, having trimmed the wick to 5mm, light it. Place the "teapot" onto of the base unit and add your wax melt into the pot, a little at a time to avoid over filling. After a few minutes the wax will melt and you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous aromas of Our Time wax melts.

Once you have finished, extinguish the tealight and either leave the wax to cool or, if you want to try a different fragrance, carefully pour the wax back into the melt tray. Wipe the inside of the "teapot" with some tissue to remove any residual wax.

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