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The home of great quality scented soy candles, soy wax melts and reed diffusers.

Made in Nantwich, Cheshire, to make your house a home that not only looks great but smells great too.

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Spending Our Time to Make Your Time Special

All of our fragranced products are expertly made in small batches and poured to perfection by hand.

Our Candles, Wax Melts and Reed Diffusers are all vegan and cruelty free.

With every product, we strive to ignite emotions and kindle fond memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special, or to treat yourself, we have something for everyone.

  • New Spanish Scents

    Introducing our new range

    Spanish Inspired Scents to make your home smell fresh, made in 3 of the most popular fragrances.

    Sure to wow your senses.

    Pruébalos aquí 
  • Reed Diffuser in black box sat next to reed diffuser in use, clear bottle with black reeds.

    Diffusers have gone vegan

    We have now made our reed diffusers vegan and are now appearing in-store.

    Now you can enjoy all of our candles, wax melts & reed diffusers knowing they are all vegan & cruelty free.

    Try them now 
  • White Label or Wholesale?

    Do you enjoy our products and want to sell your own?

    We can supply fully tested bespoke white label products or speak to us about stocking our range in your store.

    White Label or Wholesale 
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  • Creating Memories, One Fragrance at a Time

    At Our Time Candles & Diffusers, we believe that each fragrance holds a story waiting to be told. Our passion for crafting candles and diffusers goes beyond a simple wax and wick; it's an art form, a labour of love, and an expression of creativity. 

  • Discover a World of Captivating Scents

    Immerse yourself in the mesmerising symphony of fragrance as you explore our extensive collection. From delicate floral bouquet to cosy days and midnight mood; each scent is meticulously crafted to captivate your senses and enliven your soul.

  • Floral collection image - Flowers

    Floral Collection

    Search our floral scents range of highly fragranced scented candles, soy wax melts and reed diffusers.

    This way for Floral scents 
  • Fresh Collection image - Blue Sky

    Fresh Collection

    Search our fresh scents range of highly fragranced scented candles, soy wax melts and reed diffusers.

    This way for Fresh scents 
  • Fruit Collection image - Fruits

    Fruit Collection

    Search our fruit scents range of highly fragranced scented candles, soy wax melts and reed diffusers.

    This way for Fruit scents 
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  • Wellbeing Collection image - spa stones

    Wellbeing Collection

    Search our wellbeing scents range of highly fragranced scented candles, soy wax melts and reed diffusers.

    This way for Wellbeing scents 
  • Woody & Spice Collection

    Search our Woody & Spice range of highly fragranced scented candles, soy wax melts and reed diffusers.

    This way for Wood & Spice scents 
  • Wedding Range of candles and wax melts from Our Time Candles & Diffusers.

    Wedding Collection

    View our range of wedding favours and unscented floating candles. All made perfectly for your big day.

    This way for Wedding 
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  • Elevate Your Space with Elegance

    Our candles are more than just beacons of light and gorgeous scents; they are masterpieces that double as elegant décor.

    Meticulously poured into stunning vessels, they add a touch of sophistication to any room. Light one, and let the warm glow embrace you in its calming aura.

    Check out Candles here 
  • A Symphony of Fragrance, No Flame Required

    For those seeking fragrance without an open flame, our exquisite diffusers are the perfect choice.

    Effortlessly release enchanting aromas into your living spaces, transforming your home into a sanctuary of serenity whilst you sleep, work or play.

    Check out Diffusers here 
  • Watch Your Worries Melt Away

    Whether you’re looking for that uplifting vibe that can come from allowing your senses to experience a new set of melts, or to feel your stress flutter away, wax melts can be the perfect addition to any living space.

    Our extensive range leaves you spoilt for choice and we have some great wax burners too.

    Check out Wax Melts here 
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  • Our Cruelty Free Promise

    At "Our Time Candles & Diffusers" we take pride in offering a delightful range of products that are not only mesmerising in their scents, but we ensure all our soy candles, soy wax melts, and reed diffusers are cruelty-free; made with only the finest ingredients.

    With our commitment to cruelty-free products, you're free to indulge, knowing that each product is made with care and kindness for both you and the world around us.

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