The Importance of Wicks

What makes a great performing candle?

When it comes to candles, we often overlook a crucial component that significantly impacts their performance...the wick!

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Contrary to popular belief, not all candles use the same wick. In fact, a high-quality candle undergoes extensive testing and re-testing to identify the perfect wick.

At Our Time Candles & Diffusers we pride ourselves on using 12 different wick types across our entire candle range to ensure the best possible results.


Why specifically is a wick so important?

1) A Clean burn - free from soot

2) Good hot throw

3) A steady flame

A Clean burn - free from soot

The right wick is vital for achieving a clean burn. A wick which has been poorly selected can create excessive soot, leaving unsightly black residue on the candle glass and can even end up on your walls.

Additionally, soot is a health concern as it can release harmful particles into the air that can be harmful to you and those around you.

Our candles are designed to provide a pristine, soot-free burn, thus creating a safe and pleasant ambience in your home.

30cl Scented Wax Filled Candle

Good Hot Throw

The hot throw refers to the intensity of the fragrance released when the candle is lit.

A great performing candle should envelop your senses with its captivating aroma, filling the room with a delightful scent.

The wick plays a crucial role in achieving a strong and consistent hot throw, ensuring that you can full enjoy the fragrance experience.

A steady flame

A steady flame is essential for the overall performance of the candle.

A well-selected wick will burn consistently, preventing flickering or excessive smoking.

A stable flame not only ensures an even melt pool but also reduces the risk of fire hazards, providing you with a worry-free candle burning experience.

This will allow you to fully switch off, relax and just enjoy the scent and glow from your candle.

Scented Wax Filled Candle with great wax consumption

Wax Consumption

Having the right wick in your candle creates the perfect balance of wax consumption and fragrance release.

The wrong wick can lead to tunnelling, which means there will be excess wax leftover (such a waste!), or it can lead to the candle burning too fast which risks overheating and generally results in very little fragrance throw (as the fragrance is literally burnt off).

Check out our image here to see what good wax consumption looks like.

Taking care of your wick

To further enhance the performance of your candle, you play a vital role in caring for it.

Before each burn, it is essential to trim the wick down to approximately 5mm. Trimming the wick prevents it from becoming too long, which can lead to a large, and potentially dangerous, flame.

By keeping the wick at the optimum length, you can ensure a safer burn and preserve the longevity of your candle - allowing you to enjoy your favourite scent for longer, safe in the knowledge that you, and your home, are safe.

Experience premium quality scented candles

At Our Time Candles & Diffusers we are passionate about delivering exceptional candle experiences.

Each of our candles are thoughtfully crafted with all of the above in mind. This means when using our candles you will always find the perfect wick and be assured that you will experience a clean burn, good hot throw and a stead flame.

You can confidently light our candles knowing that they are designed to enhance your home and evoke special memories with their captivating fragrances.

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