What are your candles made from and why?

Our candles are made from soy wax. After months of testing we preferred the fragrance throw and burn performance given from this particular blend of wax. It is also cruelty free and vegan friendly.


Does soy wax burn better in candles than paraffin based wax?

With regards to burn performance one isn’t necessarily better than the other as it is more about ensuring the correct wax, wick and fragrance combination to give superior burn quality and fragrance throw. A good candle should burn well no matter what the base wax is and we are pleased to say ours burn very well.


What makes your candles so good?

My husband has over 20 years experience and knowledge in home fragrance, so knows what makes a good candle. Each fragrance is carefully selected then each candle is thoroughly tested to ensure it burns to perfection.


Some candles go black around the glass. Do yours?

The black around the glass is caused by soot generated from a poor burning candle. We test and ensure the correct combination of materials to avoid this and by following “How to burn your candle” will avoid any black soot.


Why don't you colour your candles?

For 2 reasons; the first, adding colour, or dyes as they are known, can cause burning issues as the dyes can clog up the wick and increase the chances of clubbing & soot during burning. The second reason is that natural coloured candles work in any home décor setting so you don't have to worry about colour...leaving you free to choose which fragrance you need for each room.


Why don't you use glitter or mica in your wax melts?

Firstly, as we don't colour our candles or reed diffusers in our main range then we also want our wax melts to be neutral too so don’t have colour in those at all.

Secondly, what do these things add to the product? They don't boost fragrance throw so for us they are not required. Our new geometric wax melts range adds a splash of colour but we still stay away from glitter as we feel it isn’t necessary.

Check out our independent reviews to see how well our wax melts are rated.


You state that your wax melts last for a long time...how can you justify this?

We used to state much lower times on our wax melts for fear of overstating how good they are.

We have since had numerous reviews and customer feedback confirming how long they last. A single wax cube has lasted between 10-12 hours so we think we are perhaps still staying conservative.


I've placed my order but changed my mind. What are my options?

Please contact us as soon as possible. The sooner we know the more we can do to help.

If your order hasn't been despatched then we can help change or cancel orders.

If your order has already despatched then unfortunately you would have to follow our returns process for refunds on any unwanted items.


Are your candles really all handmade?

Yes! they really are. We are a small business which enables us to control every element of the making process down to the finite details of the wax temperature when it comes to adding fragrance and pouring for optimum results. We make in small batches to ensure all aspects are correct from wicks being central to minimising pull-away and frosting. We make all of our candles at our store and, if you're lucky, you may even catch us making them on your next visit.


You're a new business, why should I trust you?

This is a really good question and a fair one.

All of our products have been rigorously tested to ensure they are safe. This has included multiple burns tests per item then each candle has been re-burned in the selected wick in triplicate. We have also taken candles from the batches made for sale to test them at random to ensure we are maintaining that quality level.

All of our products are clearly labelled with full safety instructions and fragrance information to further highlight our attention to detail.

 Check out our Instagram for independent reviews or our reviews on Trustpilot.

Travelling by Car

Reaching us by car is easy but you will need to make use of one of the local car parks.

The nearest car park is Snow Hill car park - postcode CW5 5LS.

From here, head towards the top of the car park and through the cutting towards Beam Street and turn left. Using the zebra crossing to cross over the road, continue up Beam Street for 2 minutes.

We are just on the other side of Pepper Street, next door to Dominoes and right across the road from Chopstix and The Bench.

Travelling by Bus

We are very conveniently situated near to the Nantwich Bus Station with a short 2 minute walk.

On arrival at the bus station, cross over Market Street and head down Beam Street on the left hand side and you will reach us.

Travelling by Train

If you are travelling by train, we are only a brisk 10 minute walk away.

On leaving the station, head towards Pillory Street and head towards Nantwich Town Centre.

As you reach the Natwest on your left, turn right onto Pepper Street.

Follow Pepper Street all the way up until you reach Beam Street and turn right.

After a further 1 minute you will reach Our Time Candles & Diffusers.