Using Our Time Diffusers

Our Reed Diffusers will quietly fragrance your room all day everyday for around 10-12 weeks (per 100ml). However, this will depend on many things to provide the perfect balance of fragrance throw and lifespan.

Firstly, a diffuser fragrances by diffusing into the room via the reeds. The good thing about diffusers is that if you find the fragrance too strong you can take away reeds and, if it's too subtle or you have a larger room, reeds can be added. Generally the more reeds equals more fragrance but this may also mean that it diffuses quicker.

To get a sudden burst of fragrance then carefully take the reeds out, turn them upside down and reinsert them. It is recommended that you wear gloves to do this to avoid getting the fragrance on your hands and be careful to avoid dripping liquid onto your furniture.

Reed Diffusers work best in a warm room but away from direct sunlight. Avoid sources of heat for your diffuser otherwise it could begin to diffuse very quickly.

Likewise, avoid cold rooms or you'll find that the diffuser struggles to diffuse much fragrance at all.

All of our diffusers are tested in various locations so we can, as best we can, ensure that once you receive them then they'll work well wherever you choose to place them.

Diffusers should also be placed out of reach of children and kept away from pets.