Testing our Products

Candle Testing

All of our candles are fully tested to ensure they are safe and perform well.

Each new fragrance is made up in multiple wick sizes and burn tested in 2-4 hour burn cycles.

The cold throw is checked to ensure the candle is producing a good fragrance throw prior to burning. The candles are then lit and regular monitoring takes place. We record various elements of the candles burn performance to make sure we are supplying only the best candles.

We check the hot throw of the candles, once we have selected the correct wick, to ensure the candle is giving off a good fragrance throw.

After each burn cycle the candles are extinguished and allowed to fully cool. By allowing the candles to cool fully after each burn cycle allows the wax to reform again to give the best performance on the next burn.

It is most important to us that we are only supplying good quality, safe and high performing candles.


Each candle is only passed for sale once it meets all our criteria:

1) Smells great cold

2) Gives good burn performance

3) Smells great hot during burning

4) Has excellent wax consumption 

Follow our candle burning guide to ensure you get the best from your candles.


Reed Diffuser Testing

All of our diffusers are home tested to ensure they work and produce good fragrance throw. Like our candles, if we can't smell the fragrance in a normal sized room then it isn't good enough to sell.

Diffusers prefer warm areas but not too hot. We keep them away from direct sunlight and additional heat sources, such as radiators, during testing.

We also record the length of time the diffuser lasts for and record the liquid weight at weekly intervals. Every fragrance is different but overall we are looking for consistent diffusion as the weeks go by.

As we are testing under 'at home' conditions then we aim to replicate what will happen when you use one of our diffusers so, although there will be variances, you can trust the time it will last for.

Of course, every home is different but by following our guide for getting the best performance will ensure you get good fragrance for longer.


Wax Melt Testing

All of our melts are tested in a good old fashioned tea light oil burner. Melts are the simplest test we do as it is simply a case of placing a piece of the scented wax into the top of an oil burner and checking it fragrances a room, or in our case on some fragrances, your home.

Always use a small amount of wax melt at first (10g-20g) to avoid overfilling your melt burner. A small amount of solid wax can quickly expand as it becomes liquid and you don't want to have wax spilling over onto your lovely furniture.

Follow our guide if you would like any help or guidance using your melts.