Using Our Time Wax Melts

Our Time wax melt bars have 6 easy to break portions for you to snap off and add to your chosen melt warmer. Each portion will provide great fragrance for 10-12 hours each.

Ensure your melt warmer bowl is clean and free from any contaminants. Add your wax to the melt warmer bowl and, depending on your type of warmer, either turn on your warmer or light your unscented tealight.

Be careful not to over fill your melt warmer as a little does go a long way. It is better to start small and add more wax only once the wax has liquified. Once you have finished allow the wax to cool, then warm again next time.

Fragrance will dissipate quicker than the wax. Once you stop smelling the fragrance, or start smelling just hot wax, it's time to change your wax. Allow your wax to cool then pop it out of your burner. The easiest way to do this is to light the tea light / switch on your melter and allow the wax to warm a little. The wax should become loose and just slide out leaving you to add more of your wax melt to the melter in order to enjoy more fabulous fragrance.

We also have 45g melt pots and 20g sample pots made from the same high quality fragrance and melt wax. Add the wax to your wax melter to enjoy hours of scent-sational fragrance.

Travelling by Car

Reaching us by car is easy but you will need to make use of one of the local car parks.

The nearest car park is Snow Hill car park - postcode CW5 5LS.

From here, head towards the top of the car park and through the cutting towards Beam Street and turn left. Using the zebra crossing to cross over the road, continue up Beam Street for 2 minutes.

We are just on the other side of Pepper Street, next door to Dominoes and right across the road from Chopstix and The Bench.

Travelling by Bus

We are very conveniently situated near to the Nantwich Bus Station with a short 2 minute walk.

On arrival at the bus station, cross over Market Street and head down Beam Street on the left hand side and you will reach us.

Travelling by Train

If you are travelling by train, we are only a brisk 10 minute walk away.

On leaving the station, head towards Pillory Street and head towards Nantwich Town Centre.

As you reach the Natwest on your left, turn right onto Pepper Street.

Follow Pepper Street all the way up until you reach Beam Street and turn right.

After a further 1 minute you will reach Our Time Candles & Diffusers.