How it All Started

Sat at home one late evening at the beginning of 2021, the conversation turned to what I was going to do once our youngest child started nursery.


Having relocated to Cheshire some 6 months earlier, our parents and eldest children were back home in Cumbria. This meant looking for a job that could accommodate school holidays too unless there was a way to work from home.


It was a flippant comment by Andy back then that stuck with me. “You can always make candles, I know a thing or two about making candles and diffusers” he said.


At the time I wasn’t convinced but a few weeks later something got me thinking again, and various ideas were thrown around, but it was still the candles idea that had sat in the back of my mind.


So, one morning, I said to Andy “I like the candle making idea” and that was that. I started searching the internet to see what was about and what packaging I might want to use. Andy shared some links too and ways to get started.


The thing was though, would I actually enjoy doing it? There was only one way to find out - so I bought various items from a well known craft store, made my first candles, and I loved it!


Within a few more weeks a name was thought of, the look and design of the products started to come together and testing was underway. It was at this point it occurred that we were creating a product here and it needed to be sold - otherwise I would just have a new hobby.

The name came to me quite early on. "Our Time" just seemed right and fit in so many ways. I already had an idea of what I wanted as part of the logo but couldn't quite get it right.

I looked at various logo designer websites but nothing fit so we enlisted the help of a long time friend, who also helped with social media design - not that I even knew what I was doing with any of it at this point. A website domain was registered and suddenly we have all of this activity going on at the beginning of April.


I picked a few fragrances, changed them, added more until 6 were settled upon. They were changed again, as it wasn't just about what I liked but what everyone else might like too.


How would they be projected? Do we start with 4 or 6 fragrances? Do we do melts as well or only melts? When do we look at diffusers? So many questions...

Well, if we're doing this then we're all in...candles, diffusers and melts. Different fragrances for different moods and moments. Let the testing begin...the kitchen had never smelt so good...coming to think of it, our house became a fragrant heaven.


You can be sure that when you use one of our products, not only have they been safety tested but they've been life tested too. Plus there is a fragrance strength test too - if either of us couldn't smell anything, then it was out. If it's in then that means we've both smelt the scent as, bizarrely, we both smell them all differently.


So there it is, from little more than a flippant comment back in March 2021, Our Time Candles & Diffusers was born.




Our Time Candles & Diffusers Ltd

Travelling by Car

Reaching us by car is easy but you will need to make use of one of the local car parks.

The nearest car park is Snow Hill car park - postcode CW5 5LS.

From here, head towards the top of the car park and through the cutting towards Beam Street and turn left. Using the zebra crossing to cross over the road, continue up Beam Street for 2 minutes.

We are just on the other side of Pepper Street, next door to Dominoes and right across the road from Chopstix and The Bench.

Travelling by Bus

We are very conveniently situated near to the Nantwich Bus Station with a short 2 minute walk.

On arrival at the bus station, cross over Market Street and head down Beam Street on the left hand side and you will reach us.

Travelling by Train

If you are travelling by train, we are only a brisk 10 minute walk away.

On leaving the station, head towards Pillory Street and head towards Nantwich Town Centre.

As you reach the Natwest on your left, turn right onto Pepper Street.

Follow Pepper Street all the way up until you reach Beam Street and turn right.

After a further 1 minute you will reach Our Time Candles & Diffusers.