Running a small business is hard...but worth it.

As the title says, running a small business is hard...

A lot of people said I was crazy to open up a new retail store and some days I think they were right. The quiet days are long days, very long!

However, when the shop is busy I feel alive and it makes it all worthwhile. To engage with customers is so much better than posting orders in a cardboard box or simply dropping their order on their doorstep.

The best thing about having the store is not even selling the products I've made (though that is pretty cool!). The best part is actually the little things like seeing the children candle dipping and their faces light up at the changing colours.

Poor burning supermarket candle

The hardest challenge will always be competing against the big supermarkets or budget stores that sell cheap, often imported, paraffin candles that don't even fragrance very well or burn clean.

How do we convey that message across? How can I prove that paying more means getting more? This picture shows how poor the supermarket candle burns compared to ours, even after following the correct wick care guidance.

Is it worth breathing in all of that black soot? Is it worth paying for poor performance?

I suppose candles are similar to cars in a way. You wouldn't buy a Bentley to drive to work everyday, you're more likely to buy a Ford for the daily commute. In this vain, people are more likely to buy a budget candle for everyday use BUT for those special moments in the evening, or at the weekend, it is worth the indulgence in having a great quality, clean burning and highly fragranced candle.

By purchasing candles from Our Time Candles and Diffusers I can also guarantee you that they are made with natural soy wax, are vegan and cruelty free as well clean burning, with a fabulous scent throw and no waste.

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