Reed Diffusers

What makes our reed diffusers so good? We can't give away our secret but we can tell you this:

1) Our Time reed diffusers last around 16 weeks per 100ml...that's 4 months of fragrance

2) Reed diffusers fragrance your room whilst you're out at work, shopping, out with friends or at the gym (this list is not exhaustive...)

3) You don't need to turn the reeds like with other diffusers. In fact, we recommend you don't touch them at all but they can be turned if you want a burst of fragrance.

4) They all come boxed ready to be supplied as gifts

5) All our reed diffusers are available in 19 great fragrances

6) Once your reed diffuser is all gone, you can buy the exact same fragrance in a 150ml diffuser refill to top it back up again

7) Not keen on our standard 100ml clear reed diffuser bottle? Treat yourself to a diffuser vase and a reed diffuser refill instead

Our Time Reed Diffuser 100ml

Perfect to fragrance your living space 24/7.

Reed Diffusers 100ml Refreshing

Check out my favourite fragrance for that Refreshing feeling and let your mind be enveloped with the fresh citrus scents of lemons and oranges mixed with refreshing rosemary.

If that doesn't sound like you then choose from any of our other 18 amazing, long-lasting, fragrances to help enhance your mood with a luxurious ambience of scent.
Still not sure? Jump straight to our Reed Diffuser page and make your selection from there.

Diffuser Vase + Diffuser Refill = Scentsation

Match your favourite fragrance to your décor with one of our reed diffuser vases.

Diffuser Vase CollectionMaybe diffuser vases are more your thing? Shop our range here and match it with your favourite fragrance with our great quality diffuser refills.

Select any of our 19 fragrances in a great value 150ml diffuser refill. Same great quality (in fact it is exactly the same) as our 100ml boxed reed diffusers and we will send you a pack of 7 diffuser reeds free of charge so you can begin to enjoy great home fragrance immediately.


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