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Wax Melt Bar 70g Tropical Fruit

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If you like melts then these are for you! Highly fragranced and long-lasting scented soy wax melts.

For fruit lovers out there you will adore this tropical delight. It will have your mouth watering at the first scent.

  • A fruity explosion of mango, melon, pear and strawberry with a hint of coconut. Perfect for a summer chill out.
  • Perfect all around the home, wherever you desire.

          Use in either electric burners or good old fashioned wax/oil burners with a tealight.

          Each clam shell holds 70g of wax split into 6 segment portions for ease of use.

          Wax weight - 70g

          Fragrance time - Around 60 hours

          Contains: Citronellol pure, Methyl cinnamate, Geraniol (mixed isomers), deltaDamascone, Aldehyde C-16. May produce an allergic reaction.